Agent tip of the week

Liza Pulitzer Voges has opened the literary agency Eden Street representing authors and illustrators of children's books. She was previously at Kirchoff Wohlberg for 25 years where she created and managed their literary department.

Go forth and query.


Big Plain V said...

Poppin in to say 'Hi'. You are a saint among princes to help your fellow writers thus.

Tabitha said...

Excellent! I searched, but couldn't find her address or submission guidelines. Do you know them?

Anonymous said...

Any ideas of where to find contact info? Thanks.

Prince Balthazar said...

Hmm, well, I did a search and found her old agency but nothing on Eden Street. Guess she hasn't put up a site yet.

Maybe try the usual haunts: Pub Marketplace, Agent Query, Guide to Lit Agents. I'm sure there's an email addy out there somewhere!

Prince Balthazar said...


Liza Pulitzer Voges has opened her own literary agency, Eden Street LLC. She will represent authors and illustrators of children’s books, and can be reached at
Voges was previously with Kirchoff Wohlberg for 25 years.