What's your hook? Do you have one?

I don't think I have the twenty-word pitch down for my book yet. Do you?

Let's say you're in the elevator with your dream agent and she asks you what your book is about. What do you say after sweating profusely and wondering if you have a nose hair sticking out of your nostril?

Here's mine. Which, um, I just made up on the spot. See, I've got skills.

Or maybe not.

The Glimmerlings & The Book of Sleep, in which twelve-year-old Max Hollyoak discovers he is not only half Fae but that he must stop the rebel King of Faerie from stealing the souls of children.

Jeez, 35 words.

I was looking at Cyn Balog's blog--wait a minute--she's got the word blog right in her last name. Sweet. Anyway, after rooting around for a while, I came across her blurb from Publisher's Marketplace:

Cyn Balog's SLEEPLESS, about a sandman who falls for a mortal girl whose sleep he controls.

Now that sounds like a hook. In thirteen freaking words. It's even got the conflict right in it. In fact, it makes me jealous. Damn, what an original-sounding idea. Uh, I need one of those.

So what's your pitch, if you want to share. Or even if you don't want to share it, do you have one?


K. M. Walton said...

K.M. Walton's The End of Normal: Theodora discovers her shocking heritage, unlocking both family secrets and terror on her search for the truth.

I've never thought that succinctly before - I like it. Thanks, Prince!!!

Sarah J Clark said...

Elevator pitch:

GLORY B is a 54,000 work middle grade novel about a mother's quest for redemption and a little girl's struggle to forgive.


Though it sounds better in my head. =)

Elise Murphy said...

Oh - great idea! I wrote a good one then realized I don't really want to share such a closely guarded state secret. I'll send it to you in group. Thanks for making my mind go there . . .

Big Plain V said...

"Because sibling rivalry is so much more fun when you have funky mental powers."

Fourteen words off the top of my head. What do I get if I win?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, don't be jealous of my lil' ol' idea, I still have to write the damn thing. And my agent came up with that amazing blurb... when I try to explain it to people I go, "so there's this guy...and this girl... and this guy is like in love with her but he's not human...and then a bunch of things happen..." and by the time I'm done the elevator has gone up and down fifteen times and I'm talking to myself. :)


Prince Balthazar said...

K.M. Sounds fantastic!

Sarah-- I love the title Glory B. The excerpt you have on your blog rocks. Love the voice.

Elise--well, I've read Fortune's Girl, but I will be looking for your pitch!

V--you win a robot.

Cyn! Thanks for stopping by! I love the new book idea. So simple and so engaging sounding. Good luck writing the darn thing. And congrats on Fairy Lust!

Elise Murphy said...

Oh, you can have the FG pitch. It's the new one I'm keeping close to home.

FORTUNE'S GIRL: In post WWII America, Rachel Simon is inducted into an ancient, mystical group called The Falcon Society. Their mission: keep five magical objects out of the hands of a nefarious secret society bent on plunging the country into another war.

P.S. Thanks for the help on this one!