Hey. My blog is a year old today

I will say that during the past year I have become much more serious about my writing and have met (virtually) some cool fellow writers who are all pursuing the same dream.

I never really thought it would be a place to get comments and such. I just did it to force myself to write something--anything--when the Muse was absent. So what were you thinking when you started your blog?


Michele Thornton said...

Happy Birthday, Prince Blog!

I started mostly because writing is such a lonely kind of occupation. My daily grind happens mostly between my ears and, if I'm lucky, my fingertips get involved too.

I've met some great friends this way, and now, don't feel quite so alone.

PJ Hoover said...

Happy Birthday, Prince B's blog!
When I started my blog I have not idea what I was thinking. But is certainly wasn't what I found out - what a great community is out there in the blog world!

Rachel Hawkins said...

Congrats! My lil blog will be 1 whole year old in January, which is really hard to believe! I started it b/c I was in the homestretch of finishing Demonglass, and I guess I wanted A)a place to talk about the day to day busines of writing my first novel, and B) some measure of public "accountability." Like, "Okay, I started this whole damn blog about how I'm going to write a book, so now I really need to um... WRITE THE BOOK." ;) Like you, I never really thought about it being read by anyone other than my close friends, but through it, I've definitely met some great people!

K. M. Walton said...

Happy first Blog-bday. Make sure you get a picture of your blog, in its high chair with cake all over its face!! They are my favorite one year old photos :)

My blog is still in the bouncie seat though - only 4 months old.

Elise Murphy said...

Happy blogaverssary!

I started mine last April because I was HIGH off an SCBWI conference and all the people I connected with.

I'd tried a group blog before but participation was low and so I struck out on my own.

Which reminds me . . . when's that group blog coming together????

Tabitha said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! I'd bake it a cake, but it can't eat. :)

I started my blog for purely selfish reasons. :) I had all this writing-related stuff that I've been learning over the years, and my head sort of felt crowded. Plus, I wasn't sure I really understood everything I'd learned. So, I decided to start a writing blog - if I could explain these writing concepts such that other people could at least follow along, that meant I was on my way to understanding what I need to know in order to be a writer. :)

Big Plain V said...

You know, these blog thingies really do seem cool. I should get me one.

Carrie Harris said...

I started one when I got my agent and she asked for my website address. I believe that what I thought was something along the lines of "crap."

Pink Ink said...

I wasn't thinking :-)

Well, okay, so I'm cheap, and I wanted a free website...

...and I'm in it for the money.

Yeah, that's right! That's why I write fiction too. :-)

Happy BlogDay!

Devon Ellington said...

Happy Anniversary!

I look at my blog as "morning coffee with friends and colleagues" and also a place to brainstorm.

Pink Ink said...

Okay, here's my not-so-flippant answer, Ron. :-)

I blogged because my friends were doing it, and it looked like fun. I didn't realize it was a little more work. Comments were my measure of my success, and now I realize it's not the it-all. But it's hard to not caught up in the numbers!

I enjoy it because I have my own forum where I write about anything I want, and can even be experimental, and I love the "conversations" I have with other bloggers.

It's great that for you this is an alternate place for the Muse, because for me, sometimes, it is a temptation away from the Muse :-).

Prince Balthazar said...

Thanks for all your comments. I can see that we all pretty much have different reasons.

And Pink, I liked your first answer better! lol.

Juliette Dominguez said...

Happy blog birthday, PB :)
And I love having mine now, I can't imagine not having it in my life :)