Self-Publishing Success Story

I don't know about you (whoever you are, if anyone) but when I hear the words self-published, I think of a book that no reputable publisher would take on for one reason: bad writing. Now I know that this is probably not the case, and that some well-known authors self-published their books only to be picked up by the Major New York Publishers after said book's success.

Who knows, I may self-publish my own work if I can't find an agent to get my book out there (but that won't happen, my books will be runaway best sellers).

So, this morning as I was listening to National Public Radio (I'm a liberal commie type) I heard a story about one writer's self-publishing success story. Here's the link for your listening pleasure:

Self-Published Success


Pink Ink said...

I have heard of some self-published authors being successful, but it seems like a harder route to me (not to mention more expensive). But it is good to know that is an option if one really wants their book out there and they don't want to wait until kingdom come :-).

Good luck with your agent search!!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Wow. It used to be so rare that self-published NOVEL could do so well. We've been hearing of a lot of these such books being so successful lately. I'm curious as to how and why. Good luck with your agent search! :)

Prince Balthazar said...

Pink Ink, you're right, it is good to know that there is an option out there to be published at your own expense.

I hope I'm not dreaming, but I really do think I can make it using the traditional route. One has to believe, right?

(Maybe I'll get a wake up call when I start sending out those queries!)

One message board post that made me laugh was a writer who wrote that his manuscript was enjoying a 100% rejection rate!

Dawn, thanks for dropping by!

Pink Ink said...

Prince, believe in yourself! You can do it the traditional route :-)

I hope you have a fairy tale experience of agents fighting over your ms on the get-go, but if not, keep at it, have faith. Remember what you loved about your story to begin with; someone else will catch that passion.

I have been sending out queries, and it IS a rude awakening. Example: Yesterday, I got a one- hour rejection to my equery from a famous house, from an assistant. But I got a request for a partial today somewhere else so there is hope.

I am discovering that agents, like us novelists, are not cut from the same cloth :-).

Prince Balthazar said...

Agents fighting over my

*throws cold water on face*

Wouldn't that be great?

Thanks for the encouragement, Pink. You keep going too. Your novel sounds great and I believe you will find a home for it.

Good luck with that partial!