My Office

This is the view I have every weekday morning. It's the "Bean" in Millenium Park here in Chicago. It's clean, quiet and inspiring. Except for a homeless guy the other morning who was screaming at people in an unknown language.

I usually get there around 7:30 am and work for two hours and get to my office down the street about 9:30. Every now and then I wander back over for lunch, but by then it's swarming with people.

A few weeks ago, as I was making my way across the park, I passed by a colorfully dressed group of characters.
The smell of patchouli and clove cigarettes wafted from their general area. I pictured strange little towns in Europe, living on the road. Hmm, is this Cirque de Soleil? They're in town for their latest performance, after all. I discovered they are called Strange Fruit, a troupe from Australia. They sway on these 4-meter high poles (how high is four meters?) and act out little dramas. Very interesting indeed.

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