Breaking News

I always wanted to write that as a headline: Breaking News. I sent the Glimmerlings & the Book of Sleep to an editor in the U.K. He is a well-known agent and script editor who works in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I'm really curious to know what his comments will be.
Do I have a plot?
Does the protagonist change and grow by the end of the book?
It is full of cliches and worn-out literary devices?
I'm scared. Hold me.
It will be my first real crit from a professional. I do have my writing group, and their advice is also germaine, but this will be on another level. In the meantime, I am working on another book:
Isobel & The Underground Kingdom. Perhaps I'll post an excerpt.


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Pink Ink said...

Good luck! It'll be great to have the professional advice. I'm also waiting judgment from an agent right now; good for you on working on another book...keeps the mind off the arduous wait...