Hello Blog!

Yes, I've been lax in updates. I've made a few trips to Los Angeles and New York for my advertising job and it's been a long few weeks. I've also had a hard time not picking up the Glimmerlings. I started another story but it is in the throes of nascence. So right now I am sitting in Caribou coffee shop about to start reading Glimmerlings again. I've peeked a few times, but I haven't done a complete read-through in a few weeks.

I know, one should wait a lot longer and let the work simmer so inconsistencies might become more clear. But I can't. I'm obsessed. I did finish a first draft of a query letter though, which I've read is almost as hard as writing a novel. That one page pitch of your work has to be engaging enough to get an agent to ask for a partial or full manuscript. I also need to print out a copy and send it to a few people. My goal today is to finish reviewing and, if it still holds up, send out query letters.


Rachel Hawkins said...

Hey there! Thanks for coming over to my blog; I figured I'd repay the favor. After all, we neurotic reader types need each other! ;)

Prince Balthazar said...

Thanks Rachel!