Where do you write?

This is very cool, from the New York Times.

The Writer's Room

I write mostly in coffee shops, and do very little at home. Something about packing-up my laptop and heading out makes me feel like I'm going to work, without the distractions of the household: the lure of the couch, the urge to rearrange your bookshelves, the "I-should-be-writing-but-let-me-watch this-documentary-about-crows-on-Netflix-first" syndrome."

So, where do you write?


Johnell DeWitt said...

That sounds so posh. I just write at my dresser on my laptop or on the desktop when it's not occupied. I usually fit it in between getting kids on the bus and getting them home, with lots of breaks in between to take care of the one still at home, but somehow, it gets done.

Ronald L. Smith said...

Yes, it is quite posh. I admire you for getting in as much writing time as possible with the kids!

Thanks for popping by!

Kelly Polark said...

I used to write at a Starbucks occasionally, but the last few years I've written holed up in my room (where it might be quiet) or on my couch if kids are not home.

Ronald L. Smith said...

Hi Kelly,

Yup. Starbucks is my writing room. I'd go to a better coffee shop if one was nearby but it's within walking distance. I dearly miss my Chicago cafes!

Megan said...

Damn those distracting crow documentaries... :-) I'd love to be writing in a coffee shop, but unfortunately I have 2 kids under 6, which translates to a desk in the middle of the living room, and writing to the soundtrack of The Lorax. Haha.

TOI said...

This sounds like a dream because with two children I can't go out much so I have an office which I sneak inside when I have an hour to spare but I never get much done because I end into the whirlpool of distractions