It's been a while. I missed one of my What's up Wednesday posts! Oh noes!

I think I just got really busy with work and real-life stuff.

Other than that I'm just working on new projects. I did get a chance to meet my wonderful agent, Adriann Ranta in New York. We had a nice time over coffee. Really psyched to have her as my agent.

Plus, I got some books! These are all from Adriann's clients. Looking forward to reading!

I'm finishing throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas right now. I plan on reading as much contemporary YA as I can this year. My tastes run to the fantastical and I'd like to get a little more perspective on the contemporary category.

That's up with me. How about you?

Oh, and I'm glad that Lost Girl and Being Human are back on. Two of my guilty pleasure shows!


Kelly Loy Gilbert said...

Funny, I've been thinking the opposite--my tastes are staunchly contemporary/realistic and I should broaden and read more fantasy/magical realism/etc.!

Oooh, so jealous you and Adriann got to hang out! And those books look amazing btw!

Ron Smith said...

Hi Agency-mate Kelly! Yes, it was great meeting up with Adriann.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on your book, City on a Hill, when it debuts.

Funny how there are so many different camps in YA: contemp, fantasy, romance, paranormal, etc. It's good to sample a bit of it all.

Thanks for stopping by!