What's up Wednesday

Just realized it's Wednesday. I wonder what people would think if you went around pronouncing Wednesday the way it's spelled. So instead of saying wins-day you said wed-nes-day, like three syllables. Hello non-sequiturs!

Anyway, Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Looking forward to stuffing my face with the type of food I never see during the course of the year:

Mashed Tates: Yes
Gravy: Yes
Cranberry sauce: Never been a big fan, but I'm beginning to like it.
All kinds of veggies up in here.
And sweet potato pie, of course.
That and pound cake.
God, I'll have to fast afterward.

What I'm reading
Almost done with Daughter of Smoke & Bone. Really love it. I really like Laini Taylor's world-building. It's also cool that the story takes place in Prague, Czech Republic. I love that city and she writes about it with great visual flair.

Here's my to-be-read pile.

 What I'm writing
About to send back final revisions for Hoodoo to my agent and then we take the next step!

What inspires me right now
Writers, articles about writing, reading about debut authors and anything else to do with writing. Also meeting new writers/people and visiting their blogs.

What else I've been up to 
Twitter. Can I say that? I like reading tweets from the writers and book-lovers I've been following. 

Working on the book I hope to concentrate on once Hoodoo goes out into the world. 

I also need to see Catching Fire. Hopefully, the crowds might die down a bit over the break.

What about you? I ask you, what is up, dear people?

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Kris F. Oliver said...

Greetings! I hadn't seen you post on What's Up Wednesday before, so I had to drop by and say hello.

Also, is it wrong to admit that I always pronounce Wednesday as "wed-nes-day" in my head? That's probably the only reason I can spell it. I am an appallingly bad speller. (er..spelltress..is that a word?)

I loved DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE and I have to agree with you that the setting was lovely.

I also LOVE your book title. I would likely buy it based on the title alone. *grin*

Hope you have a great week!

Miss Cole said...

Good luck with THE NEXT STEP!!!! :D Oooooh, it sounds terribly exciting!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving ^_^

Stephsco said...

It's a shame so much of the good Thanksgiving food doesn't appear regularly on our tables. Homemade mashed potatoes aren't that hard, they just take a little extra prep. I can't say I'd make a pie another time other than a holiday, though I do occassionally pick up this cranberry jello relish from my grocery store deli which is super yummy.

Loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The setting details really made the book; I don't love paranormal or fantasy but when it's grounded in contemporary world I connect much more easily.

Krispy said...

The best part of Thanksgiving is the foodage! :)

Oh my god, Laini Taylor's writing makes me so envious. I WISH I could write like that, and I love the twist she put on the whole angels/demons mythology. I went to Prague for the first time last year, but it was even more magical because I still had Taylor's descriptions of it floating around in my head.

I hope you get to see Catching Fire! I loved it. It's basically the movie I wish the first HG movie was.

RE: Disneyland - yes! There's cool Marvel stuff in Tomorrowland at Innoventions now. I bet they'll add a Captain America thing once that's out. Smart use of space (and the fact that they own Marvel movie studios)!

I've been backstage at Disneyland once; I was there with my middle school band to perform. They told us the same thing- NO PHOTOS of cast members, especially if they're half in costume.


Jaime Morrow said...

All this Thanksgiving talk is making me want sweet potatoes so, so much. We celebrated Thanksgiving last month here in Canada, so I'll just have to live vicariously through all of you.

I loved DAUGHTER OF SMOKE & BONE too. There were so many times while reading it that I had to stop and re-read parts that leaped off the page. I've been to Prague as well, so the book really calls a lot of memories to mind.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jaime Morrow said...

P.S. The Wed-nes-day thing cracked me up. The funny thing is, we pronounce it wens-day up here, so kind of somewhere between you guys and the ultra-clunky sounding wed-nes-day. :P

Ron Smith said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

Kari Marie White said...

I actually often pronounce Wednesday "Wed-nes-day" just because. People who don't know me look at me funny, but my family and friends don't even bat an eye. I'm weird.

The audiobook of DoSaB is really good.

Enjoy your taters and gravy!

Ron Smith said...

Hi Karie,

Weird is Good.

Would you believe I've never listened to an audiobook?

Connie Keller said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

And good news with your progress on Hoodoo. How exciting!

Kimberly said...

Catching Fire was awesome. :)

How exciting to take the next step with your agent! I'm so happy and excited for you.

Ron Smith said...

Thanks, Connie. Thanks, Kimberly.

I saw Catching Fire. It was indeed, very good. Much more emotionally satisfying than the first film, in my opinion.

(Although I do wish the actors were younger!)

TOI said...

So excited for you and the next step for your novel.

I like the Hunger Games so I can only imagine Catching Fire is going to be even better, I can't wait to go watch it maybe in the new year