What's up Wednesday

I've seen a lot of blogs doing this weekly meme, and I thought it was not only a fun idea, but a great catalyst for weekly blogging.  So thank you Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk!

It's pretty simple, really. Every Wednesday, I'll write a post that answers these questions:

What I'm reading
What I'm writing
What inspires me right now
What else I've been up to

Sounds easy enough. Let's hope I can do it every week. I'm a notorious neglect-the-blog writer.

So, without further doo-doo, here's my first What's up Wednesday post:

What I'm reading
Okay, well, nothing at the moment. Great start, Ron! I just finished Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake.  I bought the Goldfinch by Donna Tartt but haven't started it yet. I also picked up a non-fiction book called Henry Darger, Throwaway Boy, by Jim Elledge.

What I'm writing
I'm working on a middle-grade fantasy right now. I have about 20,000 words. I just finished revisions on Hoodoo, my middle grade supernatural horror novel for my agent. What? Agent? Hells yeah!

What inspires me right now?
That's a tough one. Let me think.
(Insert Jeopardy theme or Pachelbel's Canon here. Or possibly Air on A G String from Bach.)

Okay, I think what inspires me right now is...waking up and knowing that I have achieved one of my writing goals, which is being offered representation by an agent. I know there's still a long way to go to selling a book, but I feel like I can see a little reward in this journey that so many of us have taken. It gives me the creative fuel to wake up and jump into my current work in progress.

What else I've been up to
Hmpf. I've been on Twitter a lot lately. Trying to get a little bit more of a presence there, finally.

Playing with my new iPhone.

Visiting and commenting on like-minded people's blogs.

Trying to find the time to watch mindless shows like the Vampire Diaries and the Originals. (I know they're bad, but I can't help it.)

I'm out.

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Rebekah Faubion said...

Ron, so glad you are jumping on the What's up Wednesday ballon! Hope you have a great week, working on your new MG fantasy and watching Crappy TV. I can't wait to hear you've sold the fabulous Hoodoo!

Ron Smith said...

Thanks, Rebekah!

I love this idea because it makes me post on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by and your encouragement!

Emma Adams said...

Congrats on landing an agent - what an amazing achievement! :) Hope the revisions go well!

Ron Smith said...

Thanks Emma!

The congrats never get old!

Anita Saxena said...

WUW sounds like so much fun! I think I might try WUW posts on my blog. Happy writing!

Ron Smith said...

Hi Anita. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I would encourage you to do WuW.

As I said above, it's great for a sporadic blogger like me!

Alison Miller said...

Congrats on signing with an agent! That's awesome!!! And MG supernatural horror? Intriguing!

Also, welcome aboard the WUW train! Jaime and Erin are awesome hosts and I enjoy seeing what everyone's up to. Have a great week!

Laura said...

Congratulations on getting an agent! I bet that is good inspiration :)
I've read Anna Dressed in Blood but haven't yet gotten around to reading Girl of Nightmares, hopefully I will soon!

Melanie Stanford said...

I love "How I Got My Agent" posts, but for some reason, every time I click on yours, nothing comes up but the title. Could be my computer is having issues. Congrats anyway, on getting an agent!

Ron Smith said...

Thanks, Alison! Yes, I love the WUW idea. Fantastic way to interact!

You have a great week, too.

Ron Smith said...

Hey Laura, thanks for stopping by.

Girl of Nightmares really amps up the creep factor. Kendare Blake and I share the same agent! How cool is that?

(I guess I can live vicariously through her success;)


Melanie! Oh Noes! I haven't heard any other issues about that post. I hope you get to read it! Thanks for the congrats.

Colin Smith said...

Hello, Ron! Let me echo the congratulations of others on getting an agent. I've read ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD, and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would (I don't usually go for horror). I have GIRL OF NIGHTMARES on my shelf waiting for me. That you and Kendare share the same agent certainly speaks well of you. Congrats again!

All the best with your writing this week. I look forward to your "My Book's Going to Be Published!" post in the very near future. :)

Katy Upperman said...

Big congrats on signing with your agent, Ron! What an amazing accomplishment! Hope your writing continues to go well (HOODOO sounds fantastic!) and I hope you'll continue to join us for WUW. Have a great week. :-)

Kate Scott said...

I got a new iPhone a few weeks ago, and have spent a LOT of time playing with it recently, so I definately understand that.

Also, congrats on getting an agent. Hopefully, you'll find a publisher soon too.

Miss Cole said...

Hi, nice to meet you! :D

Best of luck with your agent revisions. How exciting ^_^

I like Air. It was one of the first classical pieces I played on my violin. It's very peaceful.

(By the way, yes, you must read The Shining)

Krispy said...

Welcome to the What's Up Wednesday family, Ron! It's great to have you. Also, congrats on the agent!!!

I loved Kendare Blake's ANNA books. Her new series, starting with ANTIGODDESS is great too, especially if you love Greek myth (which is one of my greatest loves)!

RE: dogs being great - they are! I love mine to bits, but he did NOT like wearing those horns. He's ok with the cape/jacket though. :)

Ron Smith said...

Colin, I really think you'll enjoy Girl of Nightmares. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I do appreciate it.

Thanks, Katy. I will definitely continue WuW. It's a fantastic idea. Thanks for the writing encouragement!

Hi Kate. Thanks for the congrats! I need to take a break from playing with the phone. The panoramic feature is really cool!

Miss Cole, I love classical music. And you play violin? *envy* I used to play bass guitar in bands but that was years ago. I bought a classical guitar not too long ago and am fiddling around again. Thanks for coming by. (Don't tell anyone I have never read the Shining.

Krispy! I like your blog. I usually hate dog costumes but yours was really sweet and didn't look like you were torturing your dog!

I downloaded Antigoddess the other day. Don't know when I'll get a chance to read it though!

Dana Elmendorf said...

An agent! Congrats! I just got one too. And it does feel good to make it to the next writing step. I haven't gotten into the show Originals yet but I'm addicted to that new show Reign, about Mary, Queen of Scots. I love anything castle-y and this is no disappointment.

My blog suffers from neglect a lot too. One week, I'm blogging then a few weeks go by and I'm ignoring it. My new goal is two posts a week and I try to write a few at a time then schedule them. I'm much more successful that way. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting an agent!!!

If I didn't have a DVR, I would never get to watch fun shows like The Vampire Diaries. I'm so glad something remembers everything for me :)

Ron Smith said...

Dana, I'm going to take your lead on blogging. Two posts a week seems manageable. And congrats on signing with the Strothman Agency!

I've seen the ads for Reign but haven't watched yet. (My wife thinks I'm nuts with all these goofy shows!)

I hear you Jennifer. Without Hulu Plus and DVR I'd be out of luck, too.

Kim said...

Congratulations on being offered representation! Adriann Ranta seems like a really fabulous agent. She reps a lot of my favorite authors (I'm guessing that's what you read Anna Dressed In Blood. Girl of Nightmares is equally as amazing, I assure you!)

I love the sound of a supernatural horror MG book! I hope to hear of a book deal soon so I can find it in a store ASAP.

Ron Smith said...

Thanks so much for dropping by, Kim.
I'm still psyched to be working with Adriann. It's great so far.

I finished Girl of Nightmares. Creepy and a lot of fun!

Thanks for your kind words!

Kari Marie White said...

I loved ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD. Awesome read.

Congratulations on getting your agent!

Anonymous said...

I love What's Up Wednesday. I hope to join it again. I did it during the spring and summer and loved it.

I adore Tartt. I want to read more of her.

Happy writing.

Ron Smith said...

Yes, Kari. Anna Dressed in Blood was certainly a good read.

Hi Medeia. Looking forward to diving into the Goldfinch. I have to admit, I never finished the Little Friend, but have read The Secret History at least four times.

Marcia said...

Congrats on finishing those revisions. I wish you all the best on submission!

Stephanie Allen said...

Congrats on getting an agent! And have fun with your MG fantasy WIP - I love MG fantasy so hopefully we'll get a chance to read it someday :)

Ron Smith said...

Hi Marcia, thank you very much and thanks for coming by.

Thanks, Stephanie. I certainly hope you get the chance to do that!

Suze said...

:) This was a nice post, Ron. You come across as playful and approachable.

20K words. Go, go, go, boy-o.

Ron Smith said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Suze.