Overheard in Alabama

I'm staying in a hotel in Alabama with my parents for a family trip.

It's great because my MG novel is set here and I'm soaking in the details and doing some revising.

So this morning, about 6:30 am, a well-dressed gentleman comes into the lobby where the free breakfast buffet is. He looks around at the food and speaks to the woman in charge of the food:

Man: Where's the grits, baby?

Woman: We ain't got no grits today, baby. We just got oatmeal.

Man: (totally taken aback)
Oatmeal? No grits? What? We're gonna have to call the police!

Warning: graphic picture of meat. Vegans beware.
Probably the best BBQ sandwich I've ever had from Lanni's BBQ.
Yup. That's white bread.


Michele Thornton said...

They have Fedx in Alabama. I'm just sayin' I can text you my address. That sandwich looks great.

Ron Smith said...

Oh, Michele, you know I would Fedex you if I could.

I'm actually packing my cousin's homemade pound cake in my suitcase!

No way am I letting that get away!