A Dance with Dragons

At long last, we have a release date for George R.R. Martin's fifth book in his Song of Ice and Fire series. It took six years for A Dance with Dragons to get a release date! The last one, A Feast for Crows, was 2005.

Fortunately, I didn't have to really wait that long because I just finished Feast for Crows last night. I read the other three several years ago, and in preparation for the HBO show, decided to re-read them and then tackle the one I hadn't read.

If you are a fan of big, sprawling, epic, and at times--very violent medieval fantasy--this series has no peer. I've turned into a total fanboy and can't wait for the show on HBO.

( Uh, and I didn't know I was fan of violent medieval fantasy either until I read this series. It's more about political intrigue and power struggles than it is about the typical fantasy tropes.)

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K. M. Walton said...

Definitely a cool cover, that's for sure!