Wow, we got some serious snow in Maryland. Look at all the snow on our balcony.

I think we are definitely snowbound for a few days. I see plenty of SUVs getting stuck. The news says it was as high as 26 inches at 11 A.M.and it hasn't stopped snowing yet.

I know I won't be going anywhere. I've got books, more books, food and lots of writing time.

And brownies and ice cream.

What, you didn't know you were allowed to eat crappy food in a weather emergency?


Michele Thornton said...

Not only are you Allowed to eat crappy food in a weather emergency, you are Required to do so. Brownies and ice cream are a great start. Baked potatoes with real bacon and sour cream and hot chocolate with whiskey are also de rigueur. Yeah, I'm on a calorie cutting diet. Can you tell?

SWK said...

Can you send some snow to Canada? Here in the mountains of British Columbia the Olympians and I (not an Olympian but an enthusiastic, if lousy, skiier) could really use some nice powder!

Ron Smith said...

Thanks, guys.

SWK, I love Canada, but I've had enough with the snow!

Thanks for dropping by.

cindy said...

HOLY SNOW! i cry for you.
i hope it all melts soon. the birds are still chirping here!