Happy Post Holidays!

Uh, hello? Anyone there?

This blog, along with the blogs of my critique group, have been pretty quiet lately. I'm not one to post every day (I don't think I could ever find enough things to post about) so I usually only do it when I have something I think might be of interest to fellow writers.

Anyway, I've started a new book. I've got about 10,000 words of a YA novel I'm really enjoying. It's my first real attempt at Young Adult fiction. Until now, I had been firmly ensconced in the world of middle-grade.

I hope everyone has a great new year!


K. M. Walton said...

Well, Mr. Ron Smith, that's exciting. I wish you a bountiful 2010.

I can't remember if you're going to the SCBWI conference. If you are, I'll be sure to say hello.

Casey McCormick said...

I'm there. I mean here. Heh.

Yay for YA! You definitely should do a little more blogging.

Happy New Year!

Ron Smith said...

Thanks for stopping by K.M. and Casey. I enjoy both of your blogs a lot. I hope to post and visit more this year!

HumanSpark said...

can I get your books here in Argentina? how?

Ron Smith said...

Hi HumanSpark, thanks for coming by. I wish I could tell you where to buy my books but I'm not published yet!

Hopefully, if the planets align one day I will be!

Dawn Colclasure said...

Happy New Year! Things have been mighty busy but I will visit when time allows. Congrats on starting a new book. How exciting to explore something new! Good luck with it and please keep us updated. :)