Hello Bawlmer! Give me a crabcake, hon!

That's Baltimore, for those of you not in the know. Ye Olde Blog has been pretty quiet these past few weeks as my wife and I prepared for our move from Chicago to Baltimore.

Huh? What's that sound? Is that your jaw hitting the floor? Baltimore? Land of John Waters' films, crabcakes and the scary but incredibly compelling HBO crime drama The Wire?

Yes, indeed, that is the Baltimore of which I speak. We arrived last night and are staying with my wife's mother until our things arrive and we move into our new place. We wanted to be closer to family and had talked about a move back east for years.

This is not our first foray into Charm City, as the locals call it. It was our home before we moved to Chicago 13 years ago. A lot has changed during that time. More great restaurants have sprung up. There are a lot of new places to shop, and the art and music scene is thriving. Plus, we're only 45 minutes from D.C. and two hours from NYC.

When we lived here years ago our circumstances were different and we didn't take advantage of a lot, but things have changed and I believe this stint will be different.

Fortunately, my employer is letting me keep my ad writing job and work from Maryland. So that's cool.

It was hard to leave Chicago, but the approaching winter made it a little easier. I do love the Windy City though, and will always have fond memories. Now we're in for long, humid summers and milder winters.

So I am now officialy a Balti-moron, another one of those local aphorisms. Wish us luck.

Now I'm off for a crabcake, hon!
(A term of endearment originating from the word honey. Pronounced hun.)


Rebecca said...

Good luck settling in! Moves can be both exciting and stressful, so hopefully yours has been more of the former.

Tina Lee said...

Good luck. Sounds like fun. Lots of places to visit. I love D.C. and have not explored New York enough. And the beach! I suppose it is not beach season though.

Susan R. Mills said...

I hope you settle in quickly. I've never been to Baltimore. It's on my lists of places to visit. When I do, I'll definitely have to have crabcake.

K. M. Walton said...

Wow,Ron, that IS some big news. I wish you tons of happiness in your new digs. Baltimore is a great city, especially Inner Harbor!