Chicago Celtic festival

I've always enjoyed reading about Celtic mythology and history. My novel (out to agents now) borrows from Celtic legend in a few places: names, creatures, flora and fauna. This means I never miss the Celtic Festival every September in Chicago. It was here again this past weekend and I went down to check it out.

One thing I had to do there was replace a ring I bought the year before from a vendor called Sean's Celtic Creations. It was a Tree of Life ring. Unfortunately, I took my old one off once when I washed my hands in Baltimore Washington International Airport and left it on the sink.

Right now, a custodian somewhere is wearing a very cool ring.

Or some businessman.

So I ventured down to get the new ring and see the sights. Fortunately, I found the vendor. Once I saw the sign for his booth the name clicked. Sure enough, I found the same ring!

I also saw a lot of fun stuff but I didn't get many good pics because I only had my camera phone.


Elise Murphy said...

How lovely! My first wedding ring (back when we were young and poor) was a celtic knot. A little known secret . . . I also have celtic knot tattoos. Appropriate for someone named Murphy, no?

Ron Smith said...

Very cool. I sometimes think about a tattoo but don't know what to get or where to put it!

Kelly said...

Celtic rings are beautiful, glad you found another! While you were at the Celtic fest, I was at the Old Town fest this past weekend. It was gorgeous weather for fests in the city!

Jessie Oliveros said...

I started a novel steeped in Celtic mythology (it fascinates me, too) but it never took off. I'm glad you found your ring, and if I ever find someone wearing that same ring, I will look at him suspicously and maybe ask him if he has ever visited the bathroom at the Baltimore airport.