Agent tip of the week

Nancy Yost is leaving Lowenstein-Yost Associates Inc. to start up her own literary agency. She may be reached at

Go forth and query.


Casey McCormick said...

And where are your updates, Ron? Hope querying is going well.

: )

Ron Smith aka Prince Balthazar said...

Hi Casey! Yes, I have a few things out, some hopeful.

I'm trying not to check my email every two minutes. (But I do anyway.)

I thought about blogging the search but I'm trying to stay cool.

Hopefully, one day soon I'll be able to post "The Great Agent Hunt, 2009."

I certainly hope so!

K. M. Walton said...

Thanks, Ron. I will do some research on her to see if she would be a fit. I wish you well on your query journey...

Casey McCormick said...

It's probably better to "stay cool." Agents don't want to read about your rejections on your blog and whatnot.

I'm just overly curious about these things. I never get tired of reading about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of submissions.

: )

Big Plain V said...

Ron Smith aka Prince Balthazar, you have a longer name than I remember.

Ron Smith aka Prince Balthazar said...

Ha, BPV, I figured I better get my name out in the world. Balthazar is one of my characters. The most elementary form of marketing is to get your name out there so I guess it's about time.

All I have to do now is post my pic.
Which I will do soon.