Fantasy Island

A few pics from our awesome vacation on Barbados.
This little hotel is called Peach & Quiet. Corny name. Awesome ambiance. The owners are a British couple and gave us a splendid holiday. We rented a car on the island but turned it in after two days because it was much easier to hire a driver to take us to restaurants and on tours. Driving on the left side of the road and the steering wheel on the right makes for some hairy maneuvering. And let's not forget the roundbaouts. I did it before on another island, Anguila, but it's a smaller island and the roads were desolate. Barbados is much bigger.

Lots of great fresh seafood and vegetables. Sun. Tropical breezes. Just fabulous.

I can haz shade?


K. M. Walton said...

Great shots - thanks for sharing!

I tried the 'drive on the other side of the road' thing in Ireland - I'll sum it up in one word...WILD.

Big Plain V said...


Do you feel rested?

I want a vacation.

I always feel tired after vacation.

Do you feel tired after your vacation?

Tabitha said...

Gorgeous!!! Sure beats the view out of my window in this freezy-breezy Chicago spring. Thanks for sharing. :)

Prince Balthazar said...

Yes, BPV, I need a vacation from my vacation. Isn't it always that way?

Michele Thornton said...

Aaah. Thanks for posting that bit of bliss.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pics! I've been to several Caribbean islands, but never Barbados. I love the Caribbean Sea! Lucky!