Agent tip of the week

Trying to think of things to blog about...hmmm...

Oh, Hello. I didn't see you.

In my attempt to dust off this place I will be posting a new Agent Tip every now and then, whenever I get 'em. (I have sources.)

Today's agent tip:

Rebecca Gradinger left Janklow & Nesbit Associates and launched Finchley Road Literary, a boutique agency specializing in literary fiction, up-market commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction, memoir, humor and pop culture. (She has also worked as a scout at Mary Anne Thompson Associates and a lawyer practicing media and intellectual property law at Frankfurt Garbus Kurnit Klein & Selz).

Go forth and query.


Big Plain V said...

Sounds like a wonderful to the writer/blogger community. Let it never be said that our Prince cares not for the masses.

K. M. Walton said...

Thanks, Prince. I shall query.

Tabitha said...

I agree with Big Plain V. This is a great addition. :) I shall come forth and read more tips. :)