Becoming something or chasing someone

How many times have you seen these words as an intro to a book or film title?

Chasing (insert name here) Amy, Harry Winston, Daylight, etc.
Becoming (insert proper noun or verb here) Jane, A Madman, Quincy.

I mean no offense to anyone with one of these titles. I'm just wondering if it was the writer's decision or the publisher's.

Maybe someone did a psycho-graphic profile of potential readers and saw that their synapses fired when they saw books that began with one of these words. What's your theory?


Elise Murphy said...

Have you read the flap copy to David Sedaris' latest book. He skewers this . . .to the point I was SURE I had accidentally picked up the wrong book.

Prince Balthazar said...

I like David Sedaris. I'll have to look for that.

Chasing David Sedaris. See? It works with everything.

Sarah J Clark said...

Cool blog. Glad you found me. I'll be visiting yours more frequently!

Keep writing!!!

Big Plain V said...

My theory: lack of imagination.