Work is getting in the way of my real passions. Argh, I hate advertising, but it pays the bills at the moment.

Hopefully, there'll be a slow down soon and I can get back to posting.

Instead of selling cheeseburgers and cars.

Plus, I joined a GREAT online critique group. Totally awesome writers!

I know what's important, damn it!



Michele Thornton said...

We are so happy you joined!

Your story is awesome, and you seem to be managing quite well even with the obligations of those cheesy cars.

Um cheeseburgers AND cars.

Big Plain V said...

Pesky capitalism.

I wished we lived in that one country where everybody gets to do whatever they want all the time and they never have to work and they sleep a lot and yell at people and they're given everything they want... oh wait, that's adolescence.


Carrie Harris said...

Just so long as you don't get confused about what you're selling and end up trying to sell someone a car when they wanted a cheeseburger. I'm just sayin'. :)

Pink Ink said...

*cheeseburgers and cars* sounds like a title for a novel you should write about the seedy side of advertising :-)

Elise Murphy said...

We love you, too!

Cheesy cars . . . would that be cheezwhiz or something classier like brie?

OHHHH, I could write these for you. You'd advertise Gremlins covered in cheezwhiz and Lexus wrapped in a nice . . .

Never mind.

I think you should write these . . .

BTW - does your boss read this blog?

Prince Balthazar said...

Thanks, Michele, glad to be part of the WCW.

BPV -- Yeah, those were the days right? Not that I'd want to go back.

Carrie -- I get very confused, believe me. All these dumb brands just blend into each other. Only the adjectives change.

Pink -- Cheeseburgers & Cars is quite a catchy title. Love it.

Elise -- Nope, they have no idea. Well they probably do spy on employees' surfing habits. So what. Fire me.