Notes from across the Pond

I heard back from the editor I sent the novel to and boy am I excited:

I really enjoyed this. At various times I saw echoes of Narnia, Susan Cooper’s magnificent DARK IS RISING sequence and one of my favourite YA fantasies, John Gordon’s THE GIANT UNDER THE SNOW, but it works in its own terms.

Woo hoo! Do you know how exciting that is to hear? This is my first attempt at a novel and it's great to be reassured that I'm on the right path. He goes on to give very detailed page-by-page notes, mostly my shifts in POV, and some over-used phrases and expressions.

Wow. I can't wait to get started on the fixes.



Pink Ink said...

That's awesome!! Great feedback.

Good luck with the edits.

Danette Haworth said...

How exciting! Hope your revision is going well.